I recently discovered that the big white building next door to us is the ultimate projection surface:


I live in the hood, so I thought I'd try some non permanent spray paint:


Projecting some archives from the Photoboof:



A Banksy:


What it looks like from the street:


Yosh found a genuine original Pong game in the thriftshop. The crackheads were cheering from the street.


They were mostly cheering "show some porn!", but still.



The view from a few steps back from the edge.


Crackheads need surf flicks too :


And Brazil:

God I love Brazil:



Projecting subliminal messages. I started playing with VJ programs, and I'll thank you for calling me by my VJ name, Roy G. Biv, "all the colors of the 'bow". This is a still from a video barrage. Photo by Craig Morse.


I like the subliminal messages angle, so I made a little button to mount on the fence down there. The idea is nothing is projected at all until someone presses the button, when suddenly the wall fills with chaotic video telling them to smoke crack and drink cheap vodka out of little plastic bottles...


 The green LEDs blink to attract the crackheads, and the big round button is lit up candy red. It's all battery powered and communicates with my puter wirelessly.


Here's the construction. The thing with the antenna is a little RF remote gizmo that I got on ebay for $12... I bought 3 extra remotes for $5 each so I don't need to worry about losing them to crackheads. The thing with the relays is the receiver, which goes up on the roof with us. I couldn't find a good small cheap 12v battery so I rigged up two 9v batteries through a voltage regulator, which powers the button light and the transmitter. The relay board communicates with my laptop through USB (using a serial port adaptor) via a little Python script I wrote. Here's the back of it, waiting to cause a ruckus with the bomb squad.


Projected during the elections:


I randomly stumbled on a webcam from a lake in northern Norway. The sun rises there around 11pm San Francisco time, so I made a little page the hides the computer-y timestamp. I think the crackheads need to look at sunrises over lakes (or fjords?) in northern Norway more often. Here's what it looks like when the sun is rising, though that's a pic every 30 seconds so its faster than realtime.


Maxime shot these pics from street level.


I love this one, another Banksy:


The view from the street:


Someone stopped and watching it in a car. Pretty much every car that passed would stop and watch it. I was a bit worried that this one was a little too extreme, but everyone seemed to get a kick out of it.


Rats! A painting by Chris Johsnon...


I like this one:


I love the rat theme, largely because there's so many of them running around in the vacant lot, so for Halloween I "rented" a bunch of mice from Petco and made this video to project over the 2 big walls in the lot.


Here's the ever exciting Making Of Secret Life of Mice, where you see us filming the mice run around the bed of a pickup truck: